Thursday, December 21, 2017

Elegy For a Go-Go Dancer's Boots

The Devil-ettes were among the first go-go dancing, semi-professional burlesque dance troops that I came across while starting to explore the online world of women's boots.  Previously, I had no idea such groups existed.  They embodied the sort of visual cornucopia that fans of vintage go-go boots could only dream about before the internet told us what everyone was up to.

A recent headline caught my eye today, and to my marked disappointment, the Devil-ettes, while still active, seem to have abandoned (at least some of the time) the beautiful tall vinyl go-go boots that originally placed them into an elite category of dance groups.

My hope is that, all evidence to the contrary, this is just one of many costuming choices that still include knee-high go-go boots, and the last thing I would want to do is diminish in any way the happy memory of awe and gratitude that characterized my initial discovery of the group.  The real opportunity here is to celebrate the history of the Devil-ettes marvelous boots, so I thought I would present a small gallery of the ladies in all their past glory - a bygone era of a group paying tribute to a bygone era.

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