Tuesday, October 13, 2015

After long hot summer, Halloween may kick off boot season

For better or worse, Halloween is the day on which more ladies zip themselves into tall, shiny go-go boots, for the duration of the festivities, than on any other day.  Though we heartily promote the wearing of go-go boots on any occasion, we must admit that Halloween costumes provide as good an excuse as any for the fairer sex to adorn their legs with sleek glossy boots.

Here in southern California, the summer boot drought has now stretched into October.  Natalie Morales may have signaled the start of boot season on the east coast by gracing the Today show set on October 5th, sporting amazing black leather boots, but that fact not withstanding, boot season has been slow to arrive in warmer climes.

Assuming that things don't dramatically cool down, women may decide to wait until the night of October 31st, or at least their first Halloween party, to complete their costumes by pulling out their sexiest boots, or perhaps purchasing a pair of go-go boots online.

While we normally just dwell on go-go boot trends and news, we're about to get practical.  Ladies who may be tempted to purchase their boots from their costume vendor or from an online ad should be aware that pricing for go-go boots can vary greatly across vendors.  Any time one gets the notion to purchase vinyl go-go boots online, comparison shopping is in order.  Google Shopping, Amazon and Ebay are your friends.  Let's go through a couple of examples.  Let's say you're just looking for knee-high white go-go boots.  Starting with Google Shopping, we'll search for "white go-go boots" and see what we get.  Here are the first couple of rows of results:

Right off the bat we see a couple of "yuck" options, and that $19.99 pair may look attractive, but note, they're for "toddlers" (toddlers?)

Let's sort by price (low to high) and see how things change:

More "yuck", and once we've clicked on the $22.67 pair we see that they are also "child" sized boots. But we've confirmed that the $22.80 and $24.70 listings for Morris Costumes are the lowest priced traditional knee-high go-go boots (note the medium block heels and matte leather-look vinyl) in our search.  When you click through these particular listings you find that the size selection is limited, but this should give you an idea of the "low end" prices for that particular style on that day.  Now let's see how expensive these boots can be, if we click on the wrong ad.  To compare apples to apples, find the "model number" or UPC code and do a Google search specifically for that code.  In this case the UPC code is 898345000195:

Wow, you could have paid $67.95 for these same boots from Newegg.com.  Now as I said, the low-ball selection is only available in a few sizes.  If you search for the UPC or model in Amazon or Ebay, you can often find your size, but the pricing varies wildly as they search across vendors.

Now one of the most ubiquitous brand of go-go boots available in multiple colors, styles and finishes is Funtasma from Pleaser USA.  Their GOGO-300 style is destined to go down in history as a beautiful classic of anachronistically fashionable fun (and this blog is in no way receiving any financial compensation for this endorsement). But did you know that for those wishing to purchase white or black go-go boots, they also offer the GOGO-300WC style for wider calves?  Now many women who would normally eschew tight-fitting zippered go-go boots can indulge.  The WC style is available in white or black and in shiny patent or matte leather-look finishes.

For our second example we'll look at one of the more seasonable offerings from Funtasma - the red and white Wonder Woman boot.  We'll look at Amazon and Ebay first this time.  On Amazon the lowest price I found was $43.39

While on Ebay, the same boots were pennies less.

But look at our Google Shopping search results sorted by price (low to high):

If you're a size 11, you would pay only $28.76 (be sure to always check shipping costs which are sometimes outrageous and can easily render a good deal bad)  And look at the high end:

Truly the most frightening prospect this Halloween would be paying $67.99 for those Wonder Woman go-go boots; not to mention $74.09 for the platform style!

I hope that I've convinced those shopping for go-go boots this Halloween to take advantage of online shopping comparison tools.  Thanks to companies like PleaserUSA and Ellie's shoes, go-go boots are no longer rare and you really don't have to pay a lot for them.

If you have calves that are, shall we say, "muscular", I also hope you'll try the wide calf styles from Funtasma.

If you find any particularly great deals, feel free to share (after you've secured your pair) in the comments here or on the go-go boots Facebook page or post in the go-go boots Facebook group or YahooGroup.

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