Thursday, October 29, 2015

The False Promises of Comic Book Covers Are Visited On Boot Fans

Geeks like me, who read comic books, eventually become aware of sometimes necessary deceptions by comic book publishers.  The cover of a particular issue is often designed before the interior story and art are finalized, so sometimes the events depicted on the cover do not take place in the story.  That cool cover image of the Hulk uprooting a tree and knocking Iron Man into a building may or may not depict something that actually happens in the issue.

I discovered a prime example in my local comics shop this week.  Imagine my delight to see this issue of the DC title Grayson on the shelf.

Unfortunately, when I flipped through the book, not only do I not find Dick Grayson as a prisoner of this mysterious woman in gorgeous red boots, I do not even find anyone wearing this costume in the issue.  Granted, it was a quick look through the pages, but I'm normally pretty adept at spotting such things.  We'll just have to chalk it up to cover artist Mikel Janin's wishful thinking, and enjoy it for what it is; a talented artist's penchant for drawing stunning legs in boots.

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